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1. What’s the first thing you do after waking up (don’t say “I OPEN MY EYES HHUHUHU” yes we already know that, smart ass)

Figure out what day it is and weigh out whether or not I want to go back to sleep.

2. What’s something you enjoy doing for self-care

Lately, I just make sure I play music. Either practice existing songs or write new ones. 

3. We’re all saving money for something, so what are you saving up for?

Studio time, road trips, Christmas presents and tattoos. In that order.

4. Tits or ass? (or something else,…?)

I personally enjoy a good butt. As for something else, I love necks and collar bones.

5. Share a secret?

I’ve been commando for some time to reduce laundromat visits.

6. What kind of car do you drive (or what is your preferred method of transportation if you don’t drive)?

I drive a shitty Geo Prism. It’s name is Shadowfax but it does not show me the meaning of haste.

7. Name one thing you realistically hope is different in a year? I hope I have gotten the things I am currently saving up for.

8. Share an unpopular opinion of yours?

unpopular…full communism? Stalin is a little misrepresented in history because the world is capitalist? Utah’s “Fry Sauce” is just Thousand Island salad dressing? 

9. Least favorite genre and WHY?

I don’t really like to section off genres this way but I guess I’d say there are fewer “gems” in Country or Metal, for me (also a relatively unpopular opinion)

10. Favorite color of eyes / hair?

Cool eyes and cool hair.

11. What was your dream career when you were 6?

Either an actor or a writer.

Alrighty, here it goes:

1. Do you ever lay awake at night and just feel the nausea of your existence and it’s finite nature? If so, do you sleep at all that night?

2. Would you rather be a Kryptonian on Earth (like Superman) without any knowledge of your powers and struggle to get somewhere in life, or be Asgardian royalty with a poor-mediocre skill level? 

3. Do you smoke?

4. What are your thoughts on cheese?

5. Do you have a favorite member of Monty Python? If so, who?

6. Do you like Spicy Foods?

7. Would you call yourself a “picky eater”?

8. What’s something that is absolutely important for you to have in any kind of relationship?

9. What’s a name you like?

10. If you could paint me a picture of a perfect day for you, what would it look like? (Be creative)

11. What’s something you think about me?

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Highlights of my time at Salt Lake Comic Con. I had a VIP pass to check out this chapter of comic con and took a quick look around. Its certainly had a few one ups on SDCC and some potential to get better, but in all honesty it was a very small attraction that had too many yokels and surprising lack of comics. I was able to meet Doctors 6 and 8, Colin Baker and Paul McCann. I attempted also to see Bruce Campbell but was thwarted each attempt. All in all, it was still pretty fun (being able to skip lines and not pay anything probably helped)

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Happy 68th birthday Freddie Mercury!
(5th September 1946)

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Teddy Girls photographed by Ken Russell, 1950s.
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Teddy Girls photographed by Ken Russell, 1950s.

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